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07/06/2014 - Have you seen this mailbox by the office?
This mailbox is the off hours registration and return box. If the office is closed you can register your visitors or return your visitor pass cards here. There are instructions on how to register and a reat sheet for paying for your visitors. It is checked frequently throughout the day so you can leave any corrospondence you need to get to the office in there as well. Just another way that Marlene is changing Littlefield Village for good!

05/08/2013 - The first full weekend in May!
Not when the beach stickers are given out, when the snow is gone or when you feel like showing up. It states in the rules that Littlefield Village is not open until the first full weekend in may. We make every effort to open on May 1 each year but it is not the offical opening day. This year we were "blessed" with an unusual ammount of snow and ice...a few late storms prevented us from being able to start getting opened up at our usual time. We had a hard time getting cleaned up and the water on because people decided to show up early. If you would like/need to stay before the official opening date please call before coming and we will let you know if things are ready and you are able to be in here. Thanks.

05/08/2013 - 5 MPH sure has CHANGED!
We have been open for less than a week and have already noticed that people are going too fast. You need to police yourselves as far as speeding goes. This time of year there aren’t many people here but we have alot of animals and relatives with children and want to prevent another cat from being killed in the driveway.

05/08/2013 - 2012 tide information posted!
I made some tide charts and placed a link to them in the navigation section. It's in .pdf format so you will needa PDF viewer to read it...(get Adobe Reader X)

04/02/2012 - New website goes LIVE!
Now you can get most of the information that you can get at the office on our new page. Minus the witty banter and unimposing charm.