This mailbox is the off hours registration and return box. If the office is closed you can register your visitors or return your visitor pass cards here. There are instructions on how to register and a reat sheet for paying for your visitors. It is checked frequently throughout the day so you can leave any corrospondence you need to get to the office in there as well. Just another way that Marlene is changing Littlefield Village for good!


    Cottage #142 for sale - 2 bedroom charmer with Cathedral ceiling in livingroom and kitchen, full bath with tub and a full deck. The roof was recently replaced. Priced at $179,900. For more information please contact Mary Gallagher @ (941) 475-5751 or email RTMG469@verizon.net. (Picture coming soon))


    Cottage for sale Ave 4 - #227 - Two private bedrooms, full bath with tub, galley kitchen, comfortable living area, full deck, washer and dryer. Priced at $110,000. For more information contact Richard Cotty @ (207) 646-6476 or (617) 529-4518. OR via email richardcotty@yahoo.com. (Picture coming soon)

  • 5 MPH live it, love it... DRIVE IT!

    Since David dropped the speed limit in the village to 5mph, we've been yelling at people to slow down. It really does not do any good because if you ask the drivers... No one speeds in Littlefield Village? Is whatever you are doing that imoprtant or is the extra 5 seconds you might save going to matter so much that you need to speed in and out of the driveway? You need to police yourselves as far as speeding goes. In the off season there aren’t many people here but we have alot of animals and relatives with children and want to prevent any injures to people or animals. So 5MPH live it, love it...DRIVE IT!

  • It's all about the money... 2014 RATES!

    RENT DUE JULY 15, 2014

    WATERFRONT: $2225.00

    SECOND ROW: $2200.00

    BACKFIELD: $2200.00

    REST OF FIELD: $2175.00


    Make checks payable to Littlefield Village Trust

The 2014 season is HERE... Have a safe and fun summer!

Welcome to the offical website for Littlefield Village. This website will serve as your online resource for news and information about the goings on at "The Village". Think of it as the online office minus all the witty banter. We will keep you informed of changes in the rules and regulations. We will keep the current rates for rent and a current set of rules for your convenience.

This site is a work-in-progress and we hope to bring you some more advanced features in the future. We are planning on having a webcam in the office facing the flagpole so you can see how the place looks in the winter when no one is around. We will try an put up a printable tide chart for your convienence. We also are trying to work out a way for you to advertise available cottages with username and password security for current villagers who may be looking to upgrade or try and bring their family or close friends into the fold. Also, if you have any suggestions for features or information you would like to see, feel free to email them over on the contact page.

Thanks and Drive 5mph
Marlene and The Crew!